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Quick Tip: Use Siri to send a reminder to a specific list

Using Siri to setup a reminder on iOS couldn’t be easier. Simply press the button and tell Siri something along the lines of β€œRemind me to call Shawn Blanc,” and in the task will go.

To attach a location or time to it, include a phrase like β€œwhen I get home” or β€œat 9 p.m.” and iOS will take care of the rest.

However, for those who use Reminders for more than just the random task here and there and have a set of lists setup, it can be frustrating for ad hoc reminders to clutter up the default list.

Thankfully, Siri can move tasks to different lists as well.

After dictating a reminder to iOS, when Siri asks for confirmation to create it, simply state β€œMove it to my So and so list.”

For example, below, you can see a task I created, but my iPhone wanted to drop it in my β€œInbox” task list. However, I keep The Sweet Setup reminders in a list called β€œFreelance,” so I requested that Siri move it:

Siri can move reminders
This feature allows users to keep their Reminders lists nice and tidy, just with their voice, which is the whole point of Siri and the built-in apps it can communicate with.