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What we published, and links of note

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The best secure messaging app for iPhone »

The best Apple Watch app for tracking sleep

Secure messaging apps are becoming an increasingly necessary tool to protect your privacy online. Almost everything you do online can be tracked in some way — including your seemingly “private” conversations.

That’s where our recommended secure messaging app, WhatsApp, comes into play. Its end-to-end encryption guarantees all your conversations remain private from prying eyes, and its global popularity and broad feature-set make it the best choice for most users.

Wojtek Pietrusiewicz’s Mac and iOS setup »

Wojtek Pietrusiewicz’s Mac and iOS setup

Wojtek Pietrusiewicz is a publisher, writer, photographer, and human based out of Poland where he runs iMagazine with his friends.

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How to save email messages as PDFs on iOS and macOS »

Saving email messages as PDFs is a convenient way to create copies of messages that you want to keep for reference. The PDF file format is very popular and standardized, offering many advantages over other file types like being self-contained and maintaining fairly small file sizes.

You can even search PDF files if they have Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) applied, making them the ideal archival format for reference material because it’s quick and easy to find what you’re looking for when you need it. These files are often stored in some sort of cloud service, like Dropbox or iCloud Drive. In this post, we’re going to show you how to quickly and easily convert email messages into PDF format and save them directly to either Dropbox or iCloud Drive.

How to save folders offline in Dropbox for iOS »

Dropbox is essential to my multi-device workflow. With excellent integration on macOS and a really great iOS app, it’s one of those services that I really can’t live without. A recent update to its iOS app made it even more useful.

For Pro and Business users, you can now sync folders offline (as opposed to just files in previous versions), and it’s really easy to do this.

Day One: Book »

Day One, the best journaling app for iOS and macOS, announced an exciting new product this week: Books. Using the iPhone or iPad app, you can now design your own book, order it through the app, and receive it in the mail a week or two later. The process looks simple enough, but the finished products look even better. There are several options for designing your books, including soft or hard covers, customizable content, and much more. Pricing is simple, starting at $14.99 and increasing as you add more pages.

This is an exciting new feature to one of our favorite products, and we look forward to seeing what people create with this simple, beautiful outlet.

We’ve also written a book on getting the most out of Day One, and this new feature will be added soon once we have time to try it out.

Compare the Top VPN Services Side by Side (Sponsor) »


To keep yourself fully secure and anonymous on your MacBook, it’s wise to use a VPN service that hides your IP address.

VPN software also helps you avoid getting hacked, get access to sites that have country restrictions and be more secure on public Wi-Fi.

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