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What we published, and links of note

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New version of Fantastical with new features

Flexibits released a huge update on Wednesday to our favorite iPhone calendar app, Fantastical.

Some of the main new features include snooze capability in notifications and reminders, the ability to pick specific locations from the Apple Maps pane, and keyboard shortcuts when using an external keyboard.

Even though we’ve only written a review on the iPhone version of Fantastical, the iPad version received the same awesome update.

Quick Tip: How to prepare for the OS X Yosemite Beta

This week, Apple’s OS X Yosemite Public Beta Program launched, which allows 1 million Mac users the chance to use 10.10 before it ships to the public later this fall.

We recommend steering clear of the Public Beta on a production machine. If you make money using your Mac, the one thing you need on a daily basis will be the one thing that’s broken.

But, if you want to try out the beta on a non-critical machine, be our guests. Just be sure to back everything up first.

Zach Slootsky’s sweet iPhone setup

This week’s sweet setup is brought to you by friend-of-the-site, Zach Slootsky. Zach is a photographer and entrepreneur living in Toronto. He has a restaurant called The Federal, and it’s interesting to see how this business impacts his homescreen.

I really liked what he had to say about which app he couldn’t live without:

I obviously couldn’t live without my camera, considering I replaced my last phone when I broke mine, but that’s not an app. That’s like saying accelerometer is my favourite app.

Delight is in the Details update landed this week

Shawn Blanc, editor-in-chief here at The Sweet Setup, released an awesome update to his book, Delight is in the Details.

There are several great additions to this revision, including more interviews (with transcripts), a new section of Q&A with eight Makers, three awesome videos (seriously, these are really well-done.), a list of resources to help you do better creative work, and lots of other nice touches around the edges.

Lots of awesome people have said lots of great things about the update so far, so go check it out.