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Introduction to Mechanical Keyboards, a Guide to Using Notion, and More

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An Introduction to Mechanical Keyboards »

An Introduction to Mechanical Keyboards

We love keyboards here at The Sweet Setup (proof here, here, here, and yes, here), especially mechanical keyboards, so today we’re going to walk through the basic things you need to know when shopping for mechanical keyboards. We’re also going to do brief reviews of a few Keychron keyboards that we think are great starter boards for Apple users who want to get into the mechanical keyboard world without giving up some of the quality-of-life features we’re used to.

A Beginner’s Guide to Notion (2022 Update) »

A Beginner’s Guide to Notion (2022 Update)

Notion is one of the fastest growing productivity tools in recent memory. Power users have become so enamored with Notion that it’s reached Fight Club meme status.

The blank slate nature of Notion means it can be really easy to start using, but it can also mean users struggle to understand the most effective use cases for such a powerful tool. Here’s Matt Birchler, The Sweet Setup contributor and prolific Notion user:

My favorite thing about Notion is how I can use it to create exactly the interface I need for keeping up with important things in my life. The fact I can then share these interfaces with others with a click is what puts it over the top for me.

As we will discuss, there are many different ways to use Notion. If you don’t know where to start, it can be intimidating.

In this article, we are going to share some common and easy ways to get started and understanding the fundamentals of using Notion. Let’s jump in.

A Mindfulness Monday Review of The Light Phone »

A Mindfulness Monday Review of The Light Phone

I had heard of the Light Phone before and was intrigued by the idea, but I write so much about iOS apps that I just couldn’t justify making the switch.

But recently, my son turned 13 and we needed a way to stay in contact with him so he could reach us in case of emergency. In my mind, there were 3 options:

  1. Get him an iPhone (the least attractive option to me)
  2. Get him a cellular Apple Watch (so he can make calls in pinch)
  3. Get him something like the Light Phone as an introductory cell phone

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