Drafts 5, text editors for macOS, a useful charger for your devices, and more

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The best text editor for macOS »

The best text editor for macOS

Despite some performance misgivings for more intense workloads, Atom’s price, functionality, and approachability when it comes to package management and settings make it our choice for the best text editor for macOS for most people. Backed by GitHub, Atom has a long life ahead, and the open source nature of the project mean that anyone can help make it better.

Drafts 5 launches with tagging, workspaces, advanced scripting functionality, and much more »

Drafts 5

Greg Pierce’s jack-of-all-trades app has officially reached version 5, bringing with it a slew of improvements, a range of new designs and features, and an entirely different revenue structure. Thanks to Drafts’ new scripting features, Drafts is sure to be the backbone of many iOS automation processes in the years to come.

A quick review of the Native Union Smart Hub Bridge »

When I travel, I have a not-so-small list of devices that require charging. Between my iPhone, my wife’s iPhone, my iPad Pro, her MacBook, my AirPods, her AirPods, and any small devices that may be coming along — like noise-cancelling headphones or my drone — it’s not possible to take a handful of cables and wall plugs and just figure things out.

Thankfully, companies like Native Union have created charging solutions that are not only functional, they’re also delightfully elegant.

Things releases version 3.5 »

Cultured Code appears to have adopted a very different update strategy following the launch of Things 3. Before Things 3, Things received very few updates, often leaving users wondering if Things had been abandoned. Things 3 has been an entirely different ball game, as the app has received numerous point updates to continue bringing the best productivity app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad into the future.

Available now: our video course for Things 3 users…

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How to create a keyboard shortcut to archive mail in Mail.app »

This might sound strange, but I’ve used the delete everything approach to email for years. I have finally decided to start archiving instead. I have 2 TB of space for my iCloud mail and unlimited storage on my work email, so I have plenty of room on both of them for large archives. In order to quickly sort through email, I’ve set up a keyboard shortcut to archive messages.

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