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Automations and Workflows for Things on iOS: The Complete Guide »

Automations and Workflows for Things on iOS: The Complete Guide

In a significant update to Things 3, Cultured Code has added deep linking features that allow for new levels of automation and workflows for Things on iPhone and iPad. In this guide, we cover all the ways you can use these Things iOS Workflows to your advantage, plus we’ve got several examples and downloads for you.

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Mike Allan’s iPhone X setup »

Mike Allan’s iPhone X setup

Mike Allan is a dispatcher at a local trucking company, a videographer, student of life, and constant tinkerer.

Alto’s Odyssey: A sequel to one of our favorite iOS games »

Alto’s Odyssey is a sequel to Alto’s Adventure, one of our favorite iOS games ever. Odyssey brings new locales, new gameplay features, new sights, and new sounds to Alto’s world.

Using Bear as a Things note attachment repository »

As it stands, Things does not have note attachment support or any sort of rich previews inside its task notes. So, if you create a task and want to add something to that task’s notes, you’re limited to inserting text and URLs — no photos, no PDFs, and no HTML/rich text/Markdown support for formatting text. You can drop in a URL in the task notes, but that URL is simply a URL — if it’s a link to a specific webpage, there’s no link preview either.

Using Things’ new URL scheme support, I’ve mostly overcome Things’ current note attachment limitation. In short, all my task notes are now held in Bear.

Carrot Weather releases version 4.5, including plenty of new improvements »

Last week, our pick for the best weather app for the iPhone and iPad received a small update to make the app more fun and whimsical. Carrot Weather 4.5 brings with it alternate app icons, in-app achievements, and a plethora of under-the-hood improvements to make it faster and more reliable. The latest improvements don’t dramatically change Carrot Weather, but why mess with a great app?

Privacy, Simplified. (Sponsor) »

Duck Duck Go

Finding an effective privacy solution has required researching complicated technologies, installing multiple apps on each device, and often degrading your Internet experience.

Think “Incognito” blocks Google from watching you? Think again. Private browsing is just another marketing buzzword.

With the new DuckDuckGo browser extension or mobile app, you are now able to seamlessly:

  • Expose and block tracker networks watching you.
  • Increase encryption protection.
  • Decode and score a website’s privacy policy.
  • Search privately.
  • Prevent creepy ads from following you around the internet.

Install DuckDuckGo on any device to take back your privacy!

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