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Building a Habit Tracker, Finding the Right Habits, and More

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Finding the Right Habits »

Finding the Right Habits

We’ve been talking a lot about habits in the past few months.

Habits help us build the future we want for ourselves and accomplish our goals.

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures”
— F.M. Alexander

In the name of habits, we decided to pull an interview from our Simple Habits course (it’s half off right now btw). We love this article with Justin DiRose because he shares about how habits are helpful when real life happens and the importance of startup/shutdown routines.

Let’s Build Your Habit Tracker Together »

Let’s Build Your Habit Tracker Together

Toward the end of last year, I started a new early morning habit of writing every day.

I used a few “habit building” tricks I’ve learned over the years. And, as a result, I was able to go from a blank page to a strong outline and nearly 40,000 words written.

All in about 6 weeks.

Habits and routines are the underrated superheroes when it comes to accomplishing a goal or hitting a desired outcome of your life.

Choosing the right habit will legitimately change your life. Choosing the wrong habit can be detrimental to your goals.

One of the “habit building tricks” I use is to have a way to track my habits and progress.

When you do this right, you might even find yourself being pulled toward your goals (instead of fighting an uphill battle).

For myself, as I was writing every day, I found myself waking up earlier and earlier. The momentum of my early morning writing routine began to carry me and keep me going.

5 Ways to Show Up Everyday (March Focus Digest) »

5 Ways to Show Up Everyday (March Focus Digest)

Welcome to March!

Our monthly Focus Digest is for folks who want to create a more ideal schedule, get organized, and stay in control of the things that matter.

If you are new to the digest… here’s what to look forward to at the beginning of the month:

  • A short article on a single concept around focus
  • A couple quotes that we’ve enjoyed thinking on
  • Links to interesting or related articles from our corner of the internet
  • Upcoming events and resource spotlights for our Focus Club members

If this sparks any ideas I’d love to hear from you!

A Few Months with Notion Calendar »

A Few Months with Notion Calendar

Calendars are in a weird metamorphosis period right now. How we use calendars is changing, this is clear. But where calendars are going is hard to pinpoint — we’ve seen calendar apps with to-do lists, AI integrations, and even full-on email applications built in. I’m not sure I can stand here and define what the winning calendar combination will be.

I do think the modern calendar has to morph though — a standard manual calendar that doesn’t have video conferencing, scheduling, or some sort of productivity feature set is not taking advantage of what modern technology has created.

Notion’s new calendar app is the company’s efforts at morphing a calendar with its increasingly-popular database software. Fervent Cron users will argue Notion Calendar is Cron and nothing more. But Notion Calendar indeed includes some new Notion integrations that Cron never had and brings the cohesion between the apps to a whole new level.

I’ve been using Notion Calendar exclusively from the day it was announced, and I’ve become enamored with it. There are elements in Notion Calendar that have unlocked a new level of productivity for myself and our office, such as lightning-fast scheduling and instant Google Meet calls, or the ability to view a database right in the calendar alongside your events.

Notion Calendar isn’t the leader in any particularly calendaring category, but it’s an impressive first foray for the database app.

Here are three major reasons for why our office is all-in on Notion Calendar right now.

We Updated Our Review of the Best Habit Tracking App for iOS »

The Best Habit Tracking App

The best habit tracking app for iOS (or any platform, for that matter) is Streaks. It offers everything you need to create good habits or break bad ones, features a great design that is very customizable, has some useful widgets, integrates directly with the Apple Health app for automatic tracking, and offers great support for Shortcuts. At only $4.99 on the iOS App Store, it’s also a bargain.

Building Better Habits with James Clear »

Building Better Habits with James Clear

James Clear is the author of the bestselling book, [Atomic Habits][book].

Here’s what you’ll hear about during in the interview conversation:

  • Mindset: How long does it truly take to build a habit, and how is that mindset at odds with what most people do for their New Year’s resolutions?

  • Simplicity: How do you keep from burning yourself out? How many new habits and routines should you incorporate as part of a New Year’s resolutions?

  • Purpose: Why do habits even matter? Why should you pay attention to your habits and routines? Can building better habits make you a better person?

How I Use Notion AI Q&A Each Day »

How I Use Notion AI Q&A Each Day

Artificial intelligence. Everyone has heard about it at this point. And it’s likely AI has affected the way you work already, for better or worse.

If you use AI, you likely use it in a unique way. Some folks are using AI to build out transcripts. Others use it to create fake data for showcasing a product demonstration. Others use it to process tedious work, create meeting agendas, streamline the creation of meeting minutes, organize their day — the list of possibilities feels endless right now.

With each day that passes, I find myself using AI more and more. Or rather, I use AI more and more in Notion. Notion AI is my current go-to tool — I use it to create first drafts for new emails and letters I don’t normally write. I use Notion AI for improving my writing. I use Notion AI for summarizing transcripts, for creating standard operating procedures, and more.

At large, our office uses the heck out of Notion. We plan all our projects and engagements in Notion. We track our daily work in Notion. We store all our internal documentation in the app and build out our own internal knowledge archive — I’ve even stored all my old school notes in Notion, which I return to a number of times each week to reference something.

Interesting Links From Our Friends and Around the Web »

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