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Let’s Build Your Habit Tracker Together

Toward the end of last year, I started a new early morning habit of writing every day.

I used a few “habit building” tricks I’ve learned over the years. And, as a result, I was able to go from a blank page to a strong outline and nearly 40,000 words written.

All in about 6 weeks…

Learn Ulysses Writing Goal

Habits and routines are the underrated superheroes when it comes to accomplishing a goal or hitting a desired outcome of your life.

Choosing the right habit will legitimately change your life. Choosing the wrong habit can be detrimental to your goals.

One of the “habit building tricks” I use is to have a way to track my habits and progress.

When you do this right, you might even find yourself being pulled toward your goals (instead of fighting an uphill battle).

For myself, as I was writing every day, I found myself waking up earlier and earlier. The momentum of my early morning writing routine began to carry me and keep me going.

Let’s Build Your Habit Tracker Together

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