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Apple’s 2020 September Event Coverage and Interesting Links

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Our overview of Apple’s 2020 September Event, Time Flies: New Watches, iPads, and a few “Finally” Moments »

Our overview of Apple’s 2020 September Event, Time Flies: New Watches, iPads, and a few “Finally” Moments

Over the course of a tightly-timed hour, Apple’s September event introduced us to a new generation of Apple Watch, an exciting new chapter in the company’s services push, as well as some significant updates to the consumer-level iPads.

As expected, there was no mention of the upcoming generation of iPhones, expected to land later in the fall.

(Rene Ritchie) New iPad Air 4 (2020) is Here! »

One of the biggest announcements from Apple’s event this week (and certainly the one I’m most excited about) is the new iPad Air refresh. Along with a new form factor and some fun pastel color options, it also comes with an exclusive A14 SoC that boats some pretty nice performance updates. And, that sleep/wake button that doubles as a Touch ID sensor is pretty amazing. Rene Ritchie produced an excellent video that covers pretty much every aspect of the new iPad Air lineup, so make sure to check that out.

(MKBHD) Apple Watch Series 6: Everything New! (Product RED) »

One of the larger announcements from this week’s event was all new Apple Watches. Whether it’s the new Series 6 that caught your eye or the affordable SE, there’s certainly something for long-time watch fans and new converts alike. Marques Brownlee had an opportunity to test out the latest Series 6 Apple Watch and posted his thoughts earlier this week. Definitely check out his video for first impressions.

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(MacStories) Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14 »

If you’re more interested in the latest software updates available from Apple, then Ryan Christoffel (MacStories) has you covered. His quick roundup of the OS updates includes links to larger reviews so you can dial into what you’re really interested in before (or after?) you decide to upgrade your devices this weekend.

(Six Colors) Some quick thoughts on today’s Apple event »

And, to round out all the announcements that came out of the Apple event this week, Dan Moren (Six Colors) put together some thoughts on everything that Apple revealed this week. This covers the new iPad Pro, Apple Watch, and OS updates, but also touches on the iPad refresh and Apple One subscription service.

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