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A Review of the Apple Watch Series 4, Some Tips on Using Reminders with Your Watch, and More

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A Review of the Apple Watch Series 4 »

A Review of the Apple Watch Series 4

The newest Apple Watch packs a lot of new features and conveniences into a tiny case, while also adding more fit and finish to this high-tech timepiece.

With every generation, it seems Apple swallows up another group of Apple Watch holdouts. If the Apple Watch’s heart health features weren’t evident before, the new focus on irregular, high, and low heart rates, plus ECG/EKG functionality will make the Apple Watch somewhat of an essential device for the elderly. Improved waterproofing and ever-evolving fitness features will continue to scoop up a larger array of fitness users. And, for folks like me, the improved design is sure to catch the eye of potential customers who view the Apple Watch as a fashion piece first.

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Reminders as My Day-to-day Lifeline (Powered by Shortcuts) »

Reminders as My Day-to-day Lifeline (Powered by Shortcuts)

Ever since the Apple Watch, Reminders has become such an engrained part of my daily life that, surprisingly, despite its design, it’s one of my most-used apps.

On a regular day, I’ll probably get a handful of reminders alerting me to do something, I’ll add a few thoughts I don’t have time to write down, and I’ll add groceries or chores that I want to get done later — actually accomplishing much more than I can say about many other apps on my phone.

But that’s because, despite getting so much from Reminders, I don’t actually use the app itself all that much.

That all started thanks to the Apple Watch and has come full circle with Shortcuts.

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Jackson Hayes’ Mac and iPhone Setup »

Jackson Hayes’ Mac and iPhone Setup

Jackson Hayes is a 17-year-old cinematographer, photographer, and sometimes front-end web developer who makes videos about technology on his YouTube channel.

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How to Customize the Actions You See in Airmail for macOS »

In Airmail for macOS, there are many customizations you can make to make your email workflows more fluid. In this tip, Rose walks us through several helpful ways to make Airmail work more efficiently for your needs.

(Six Colors) iPhone XS review: The future, as promised, is now »

Jason Snell, of Six Colors, published a review of the iPhone XS this week, and it’s worth a read if you’re considering purchasing a new iPhone.

Last year’s jump to the iPhone X was unusually dramatic, but this year’s iterative step is not without its own kind of appeal. I’ll miss the iPhone X, which led a mere year-long existence, but the iPhone XS is the same phone—only better.

And remember to check out our review of the iPhone XS Max for another perspective on the larger cousin.

(MacStories) Adobe Unveils Photoshop for iPad, Launching in 2019 »

Earlier this week, Adobe made a pretty significant announcement regarding Photoshop: it’s coming to the iPad in 2019. Ryan Christoffel (MacStories) has all the details in his summary, but suffice it to say that we are very excited to get our hands on this iteration of Photoshop and see how it compares to other players in the iOS space like Pixelmator Pro and Affinity Photo.

MacX MediaTrans Giveaway – the Easiest iTunes Alternative to Transfer Data (Sponsor) »

MacX MediaTrans

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