How to Customize the Actions You See in Airmail for macOS

Did you know you can customize the actions you see in Airmail? It’s easy to hide the actions you don’t need, as well as to put the ones you want to use regularly right in front of you.

Airmail's Default Actions

The actions I use the most are at the top left of the message. By default, these are Archive, Delete, Move to Folder, and Snooze, with a showing you the other actions.

In Preferences > Actions, you can set these in the Menu Button section — you have a wide variety of options available, including saving the message as a PDF and printing it, or even adding it to your calendar.

Customizing the Actions in Airmail

As well as customizing those options, you can also customize the left and right swipe actions on messages, what the arrow keys do, and more. It’s also possible to set your own keyboard shortcuts for a new message and to show the app – these will work from anywhere, so you could be browsing in Safari and then press your chosen keyboard shortcut to start writing a new email in Airmail.

The spacebar has two extra options compared to the other keys you can assign. You can choose to open the message or to scroll down with it.

Enjoy customizing Airmail to meet your needs!

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