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What we published this week

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Available Now: โ€˜Day One In Depthโ€™ eBook »

Day One eBook

Make the most out of your journaling with our comprehensive guide. Day One In Depth is the most detailed and extensive guide to Day One available today. Featuring in-depth reviews that cover every function and feature found within Day One, our handbook goes line by line showing you how to make the most of this award-winning journaling app.

Whatโ€™s In My Day One? »

Day One is well-designed and full of thoughtful details. While being jam-packed with clever features, Day One doesnโ€™t overwhelm. And because itโ€™s so versatile, you could use it for just about anything โ€” certainly more than a humble journal.

Because Iโ€™ve put so much time and so many words into my Day One over the years, I wanted to share a bit of how and why I use it.

The Advantages of a Digital Journal in a Digital Age »

There are many advantages to using a digital journal. Not only can it easily store photos, location data, timestamps, and more. It’s also always with you (on your iPhone), your information is backed up and secure, and you can quickly search past entries.

How To Filter Your Day One Entries on the Mac »

With Day One, there are many ways to view and filter your timeline of entries. We show you how they all work, as well as how you can also mix and match for advanced filtering of your timeline view.



Day One in Depth, available now on iBooks. Our handbook goes line-by-line showing you how to make the most of this award-winning journaling app.

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