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What we published this week, and links of note

Here are the things we published this week, as well as some great link material. You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter and RSS.

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Technology resolutions for 2016 »

Technology resolutions for 2016

As 2015 ends, many of us are looking ahead to making 2016 a big year. As Apple users, we generally take pride in our computing setup and technology. Technology is always moving ahead, so you can’t go years without upgrading or maintaining your equipment. While resolutions generally deal with losing weight or finishing a home repair project, our technology setups can also be part of our plan. Here is a list of things you might consider doing in the coming year.

Chenyang Hsu’s Mac and iOS setup »

 Mac and iOS setup

Chenyang Hsu is a law student living in Beijing who is also fascinated with technology, design, UX, and Apple.

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How to set up custom alerts in Dark Sky »

Dark Sky, the best radar app for iOS, is a mainstay on my iPhone home screen. I’ve preached its down-to-the-minute rain notification magic to people for quite some time, regardless of how crazy their local weather can be. Over time, though, it’s also become a much more fully-featured weather app.

Tools & Toys: Apple Smart Battery Case Review »

A few weeks ago, we wrote a review of our favorite case for iPhone 6s, which was the Apple iPhone 6s Silicone Case. Since then, Apple has released the Apple Smart Battery Case, which adds a convenient battery into a case that fits snugly over your 6s or 6s Plus. Over at Tools & Toys, we’ve reviewed this new case and found that there’s a lot to like about the unusually-shaped case from Apple.

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Bushel (Sponsor) »


Are you heading into 2016 with unmanaged Apple devices? Fix this problem without hurting next year’s budget. Bushel is a simple-to-use cloud-based tool that anyone can leverage to manage the Apple devices in your workplace.

Check individual device information, automatically install apps for your whole workforce, and protect your company data. And if a device is ever lost or stolen, you can even remotely lock it or wipe company data completely. Do all of this and much more, without any help from IT.

All wrapped into one seamless interface so you can manage those Apple devices when you want, wherever you are. Bushel makes the complex simple, so you can focus on what matters most, all while taking back your nights and weekends.

Your first three devices are free forever, and each additional device is just $2 per month with no contracts or commitments. Learn more at bushel.com.

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Our thanks to Bushel for sponsoring the site again this week.