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What we published, and noteworthy links

Here are the things we published this week, as well as some great link material. You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter and RSS.

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Our favorite podcast client for iOS »

Overcast hero

There are many podcast clients in the App Store. Our new pick for what we consider to be the best podcast client for iOS is Overcast. Overcast has a very easy-to-use interface, in the year since it was released it has seen frequent updates, and it’s available as a universal iOS app and a web-based player. But best of all are Overcast’s two most useful and compelling features: Smart Speed and Voice Boost (which we cover in the full review).

Brandon Jones’ Mac and iPhone setup »

Brandon Jones' setup

Brandon Jones works primarily in eastern Africa training, coaching, and mentoring local leaders for missions through an organization called All Nations.

I’ve really worked hard over the past year to hone my workflow and setup, paring back where necessary and examining seriously what I need and don’t need. Thus, I’m quite happy where I stand now.

Want to share your Sweet Setup? »

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Quick Tip: Understanding Activity Monitor »

The Mac’s Activity Monitor shows what is running on your Mac at any given time. This allows you to see how different programs and processes affect your Mac’s performance. You can find the app inside the Applications/Utilities folder. The app is broken up into five different tabs: CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk, and Network.

Bradley goes into depth in each tab of the Activity Monitor app and explains how to interpret the data they present.

MacBook and Apple Watch reviews »

As you probably heard, the embargos were lifted this week in regard to the new MacBook and Apple Watch. If you’re interested in the sleek new MacBook, Jason Snell wrote a fantatic summary of Apple’s newest ultra-portable.

After writing 3500 words about a laptop, you wouldn’t think there’d be much left on the cutting-room floor. Oh, but you’d be wrong!

And, of course, there are the Apple Watch reviews. There are many reviews out there by many top tech writers, but we recommend taking a look at John Gruber’s written review and watching/reading The Verge’s review by Nilay Patel. Through both of these reviews, you can get a sense of what the Watch offers and what you can expect from this first generation device.

Switching from Google Authenticator or Authy to 1Password »

Here at The Sweet Setup, we’re big fans of 1Password as our password managers. Recently, 1Password included the ability to use 2-factor authentication with services that allow this type of authentication. TJ Luoma, at MacStories, wrote a detailed, helpful article on using 1Password for 2-factor logins and switching away from popular services like Google Authenticator and Authy. The latter two are great services, but if you’re already using 1Password, then you can consolidate down to a single app for password management.

The article is definitely worth a read if you’re a 1Password user who also uses Google Authenticator or Authy, or if you’d like to start using 1Password for 2FA.

OmniOutliner 2 for iOS (Sponsor) »


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With fast syncing, edit your structured notes, outlines, grocery lists, or long-form compositions on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

OmniOutliner 2.3 for iOS is a free update to anyone that owns OmniOutliner 2 for iPad.

Buy from the App Store, or head to omnigroup.com/omnioutliner to learn more.

Our thanks to Omni Group for sponsoring the site this week.