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1Password update adds login creation tool, better vault management, and more

We chose 1Password as our absolute favorite password manager a few months ago, and AgileBits released a bevy of new features today that reinforces our pick. Of course, these new features are for iOS and Mac.


On iOS, they’ve added a login creator tool. It’s a workflow for adding your existing logins. While this was always possible, the new workflow makes it much easier to get started if you are a new user of 1Password on iOS. If you have the Pro upgrade, they’ve also added the ability to delete attachments and add custom fields.

Another new Pro feature is a time-based one-time password tool (TOTP). This feature can replace the need for Authy or Google Authenticator for two factor authentication. 1Password uses the same algorithm as Authy or Google Authenticator, so any website that support those services will work with 1Password.

For the perfect 2-factor setup, you’d ideally have a completely separate device from which you generated the TOTP (for example, another device that doesn’t have your 1Password database on it), but this is certainly better than nothing. The benefit of using 1Password is the ability to use unique passwords across all your websites, so this will just add another layer of security.

2-factor authentication is also very helpful when you are submitting passwords through an insecure network. Even if your password was comprised, the hacker wouldn’t be able to generate a TOTP. Using a VPN solution would help solve that problem, though.


On their Mac app, they overhauled how you manage and sync primary and secondary vaults. You can view all of your vaults and manage how they sync from one place. If you like to use Wi-Fi sync, there is now a whole preference pane to make it easier to manage.

Vault management in 1Password

All of these updates are free, so there is no reason not to take advantage of them. Visit your local App Store to download the updates.

You can read our review of 1Password, or grab the iOS and Mac apps.