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What we published, and notable links

Here are the things we published this week and last, as well as some great link material. You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter and RSS.

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The best GIF keyboard for iPhone »

The best GIF keyboard for iOS

When it comes to GIF keyboards, there’s not a whole lot that sets them apart. iGIF Keyboard, however, is an impressive exception to the rule. It’s easily our pick for the best iPhone GIF keyboard because it is one of the only GIF keyboards we tested that not only looks great, but can also serve as a full keyboard replacement.

Dan Mitu’s iPhone setup »

Dan Mitu’s iPhone setup

Dan Mitu is a philosophy and computer science student who is interested in Machine Learning and has recently started experimenting with iOS development.

Want to share your setup? »

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How to password-protect notes in iOS 9.3 »

One of the new features that I really love about iOS 9.3 is the ability to password-protect individual notes in the Notes app. It’s incredibly easy to do.

This week, Bradley walks us through the process of password-protecting your individual notes in the iOS Notes app.

We’re revisiting personal finance apps, and need your help! »

We are currently evaluating personal finance apps and services. It’s a huge field with lots of contenders, and we’d love to hear what you’re using, and why. We’ve put together a super short survey that promises long life and health to all who fill it out.

Fill out the survey here.

Another take on souping up a Mac mini server »

A Mac mini server is a great thing to have on your local network. There are many, many wonderful jobs they can perform, or they can simply be a convenient media server for your home videos. Whatever purpose a Mac mini server holds, there’s a lot of possible improvements to be made on models that shipped with spinning platter drives.

Dan Moren, Six Colors, wrote about his experience of upgrading his Mac mini server from an old hard disk drive and 4GB of RAM to a new custom Fusion drive machine with 16GB of RAM. Like Dan explains, the performance and “everyday use” gains of doing this kind of upgrade are astounding and affordable.

​Boost Your Apple Mail With MailButler (Sponsor) »


Have you ever wanted to schedule your email rather than send it right away? Or wondered if the person has actually opened your email?

MailButler allows you to schedule an email to be sent at a specific date and time. Thus, you can fulfill lots of tasks beforehand by writing several emails at once and letting MailButler ensure their scheduled delivery later.

Or another familiar situation: you sent an email several days ago, but still haven’t received a reply. What is the best way to react in this case?

Email Tracking, MailButler new feature, allows you to know if the recipient has actually opened your email. If you know that the first email has already been read, you can proceed with a follow-up. If it has not been read, you should rather wait a few days.

There are 6 other cool features that MailButler adds to your Apple Mail, such as the ability to convert emails to notes, upload email attachments regardless of size, and more. The developers plan to add new things to this list.

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Our thanks to MailButler for sponsoring the site this week! Sponsorship by The Syndicate.