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What we published, and interesting links

Here are the things we published this week, as well as some great link material. You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter and RSS.

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The best mind mapping app »

There are a lot of excellent options for mind mapping software to help you capture and organize your ideas, but we think that MindNode is the best option because of its beautiful design, ease of use, solid iCloud sync support, and just enough import and export options to be a really useful tool in almost any workflow.

Follow Mike Schmitz on a journey through several mind mapping applications to see why we think MindNode is the best pick.

Kelly Tomlinson’s Mac and iPhone setup »

Kelly Tomlinson is a designer working as an experience designer at Cremalab, sometimes dabbles in freelance work, runs Coffee & Design, and a few other things.

I’m currently using a 13” retina MacBookPro, and I’m one of those weird people that puts the dock on the side — though I mostly use Spotlight and the app switcher to navigate.

Nothing weird about that at all.

Want to share your Sweet Setup? »

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Quick Tip: Customizing the OmniFocus Today view widget »

Bradley shows us how to use the brand new Today view widget that shipped with the new universal version of OmniFocus for iOS.

This version of OmniFocus also allows you to re-order the home screen to only show the sections that you want to see. I don’t use Flags or Location-based reminders (I use Reminders.app for those), so I can completely hide those sections.

The iMac with 5k Retina Display review »

Josh Ginter, of The Newsprint and Tools & Toys, wrote a comprehensive review of Apple’s newest desktop machine — the iMac with retina display. The new MacBook is the current darling of the Apple pundit group, but Josh’s computer selection goes in the opposite direction, and for good reason. This is an interesting, thoughtful read on choosing the right tool for the job.

The iPhone 6 Plus review »

Federico Viticci of MacStories published a review of the full-sized iPhone 6 Plus this week, which continues a current trend of people switching over from the smaller 6. Maybe there’s something to this big phone business?

When Apple released the iPhone 6 family in two sizes last year, I assumed that, among the People Who Have Big Hands And Like Big Smartphones, there could be a few millions who happened to want a 6 Plus.

I also am one of those people.

On the try-on Apple Watch appointment experience »

The Apple Watch went on pre-order last Friday, and Stephen Hackett wrote a bit about the experience of trying on the Watch in the store. Since a watch is something you wear on your wrist every day for most of the day, it’s vital that you choose one that works well for you, and that’s exactly the idea behind these try-on sessions.

It was the most personalized service I’ve ever seen in an Apple Store, and just what this product requires.

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