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Our Weekly Review

Here are some highlights of what we’ve been up to the past week. You can stay up to date by following us on Twitter and RSS.

Organize your Menu Bar

Our favorite app for organizing the menu bar on your Mac is Bartender. It’s simple and provides an easy way to scoop up menu bar icons to keep things tidy.

Update on our podcast article

A brand new podcast app came out for the iPhone this week. It’s called Castro, and it’s very well done. However, our pick for the best podcast app remains Pocket Casts because of its impressive feature list and the availability of native apps for iPhone and iPad.

We updated our podcast article here with more info on Castro.

The most popular apps so far

It’s always fun to check out the Popular page and see which apps are currently sitting in the top 10. Like last week, the current number-one most popular app is Day One, and it happens to be on sale this week.

Right now the universal iPad + iPhone version of Day One is just $3.99 and the Mac version is just $7.99.

Sweet iPad Setup

Chris Gonzales shared about his iPad setup this week. Chris is mainly known for his site Unretrofied, where he writes about apps, creative habits, and the subject of writing itself.

Quick Tip

This week’s quick tip is for getting more out of Spotlight. Here’s some useful information on customizing search results and finding lost apps on your iOS device.

Sponsor: Macminicolo

Macminicolo - Low cost, high performance. The perfect Mac server.

Our thanks to Macminicolo for sponsoring the site this week. Mac minis make great servers for all sorts of things, and Macminicolo has been hosting Mac minis in a very high end data center for nearly nine years.