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Week in review plus some links of note

What we published this week

Links of note

And for your weekend reading, here are some links from around the web that we thought were pretty awesome.

  • Frank Chimero wrote a fantastic post that fits in perfectly with what we believe here at The Sweet Setup: that there is great value in choosing the best tool that works for you and sticking with it to do the work.

  • Matt Gemmell wrote an excellent piece on working efficiently within the constraints of our tools. In this case, the tool in question is an 11-inch MacBook Air. (side note: Matt Gemmell is a Sweet Setup alumni.)

  • Our editor-in-chief, Shawn Blanc, was a guest on Dan Benjamin’s Quit! program this week. Dan, Haddie, and Shawn discussed many topics related to starting and running your own business. Check it out for some glimpses into how Shawn runs and manages The Sweet Setup and his other online endeavors.

  • 1Password is our password manager of choice, and the iOS app is on sale to celebrate their recent major update. Today is the last day of the launch celebration sale, so check out the iOS and Mac apps if you’re interested in the best password management solution.