We Updated Our Review of the Best Habit Tracking App, a Great Tip on Using Drag and Drop with Shortcuts, and More

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We Updated Our Review of the Best Habit Tracking App for iOS »

We Updated Our Review of the Best Habit Tracking App for iOS

You need an app for tracking your New Year’s habits, and the best place to start is Productive. Productive was our former pick for the best habit tracking app for iOS as well, but it has undergone some improvements and the field of competitors has grown significantly since the last time we looked at this review. Productive’s design, “Don’t Break the Chain” philosophy, and Boost Mode will have you making new habits (or breaking old ones) in no time.

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Drag and Drop Into Shortcuts on iPad: An Effective Method for Repetitive Tasks »

One of the many ways to run custom shortcuts in the Shortcuts app on iPad is by using drag and drop.

When you want to use one or more pieces of content, like a photo or tweet, as the starting point for your shortcut, you can move it all into the Shortcuts app in one go with drag and drop.

Writing: Here are all of our articles, tips, tricks, how-tos, and reviews for Ulysses »

Ulysses is the central spot for where I store all my notes, research, and other tidbits of inspiration. It’s also where I toss all my writing ideas, and it’s where I actually do all my writing.

What’s so awesome about Ulysses is that it excels at each of these functions. Not only is it ideal for capturing your ideas it’s also the best app there is for doing the writing. Win win!

If you’re looking to do more writing as we begin 2019, I’d like to humbly suggest that you check out Ulysses. This app is absolutely fantastic no matter which device you’re using it on. From the Mac to the iPad to the iPhone … Ulysses is delightful, simple, and fast.

To help you get off to a great start, here are seven links to the best articles, tips, tricks, resources, and other how-tos that we have put together. Enjoy! And happy writing.

How to Make the Most of the Dock on Your Apple Watch »

The dock on your Apple Watch can be extremely useful because it allows you to easily access apps on your Watch and can even give them a higher priority — which can mean more frequent syncing of data!

By default, your Apple Watch will show the ten most recently used apps in the dock, but we’ll show you how to modify the dock to better suite your preferences.

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