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Using Web Apps in Arc, Solving Common Productivity Failures, and More

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Using Web Apps in the New Arc Browser Rather Than Native Apps »

Using Web Apps in the New Arc Browser Rather Than Native Apps

If I had written about using web apps in Arc a month or two ago, I would have discussed how this was a failed experiment. Instead of using the native Notion, Hey, and Slack apps for macOS, I opted to create spaces and tabs inside the new Arc browser. The apps behaved super quickly in Arc and all the latest and greatest features were present from the start.

But something gave way over time.

I have a few theories why the first stage of the “browser-only” life failed for me.

First, I had a bunch of muscle memory already in place with apps like Notion, Hey, and Slack.

Second, I was fooling around with keyboards at the time and the standard keyboard shortcuts to jump between spaces and tabs in Arc always had to be changed between keyboards (specifically, from a 40% keyboard to a 100% keyboard). This is on me and not on Arc.

How to Get Back 7 Hours per Week »

How to Get Back 7 Hours per Week

You CAN accomplish your professional and personal goals without working a schedule that leaves you gasping for breath at the end of every week.

How do you actually do it?

Sadly, a lot of folks get this wrong.

You can’t optimize your schedule if you don’t have a clear action plan you want to execute.

You can’t have a clear action plan if you’re still fuzzy on your short- and long-term goals.

You can’t prioritize the right goals if you haven’t aligned them with the big picture vision you have for your life.

This is why that random “foolproof morning routine that GUARANTEES success” you saw on TikTok didn’t change your life. If you try to turn your “Habits” dial to 10 while your “Goals” and “Schedule” dials are at 3, it’s harder to intentionally make progress on things that matter.

This is why Focus Academy dedicates time to each individual component of a focused life, starting with your Vision and working up to Schedule and Habits over the course of four weeks.

Quickly Launch to a Specific Notion Board in iOS and macOS »

Quickly Launch to a Specific Notion Board in iOS and macOS

Notion is a great tool for organizing your work, but as anyone who has caught the Notion bug will tell you, one Notion database quickly turns into two…and then to three…and then you’re off to the races.

But while Notion is unquestionably powerful and customizable, it’s not always the snappiest app — especially on mobile devices — so navigating from one project to another in Notion can be a little painful.

Today, we’re going to look at a few ways to navigate to the Notion board you want as quickly as possible.

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