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Using Notion as a PKM System, Managing macOS Windows with Magnet, and More

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How I use Notion for my Personal Knowledge Management »

How I use Notion for my Personal Knowledge Management

I officially joined the Blanc Media team in September of 2021. When I joined the team, I had some understanding of productivity, habits, focus, and all of those exciting things. But when I first heard the term “PKM” I drew a blank. I thought, what is PKM?

Over the last few months, my understanding of what PKM is has grown quite a bit. I realized that PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) is not just for the super-nerd or the information hoarder. The concepts within personal knowledge management can be utilized by anyone, and at the end of the day it’s about doing more creative work.

Magnet Snaps Windows to Where You Need Them »

Magnet Snaps Windows to Where You Need Them

It doesn’t take multiple external displays for someone to find a need for a window management app. All you need is one point of friction on a single display, be that a wanting to view two PDFs side-by-side or wanting a narrow waterfall app (like Tweetbot) to be set beside a browser page for reading.

External displays exacerbate the need, though. For sure.

Event Notes in Craft Are Awesome for Time Blockers »

Event Notes in Craft Are Awesome for Time Blockers

Daily Notes became a hallmark feature in Craft in short order. The quick and easy ability to create a note, specific to a calendar date, that could be linked and back-linked across your entire Craft database made the feature a perfect option for collecting digital paraphernalia.

However, flying under the radar were Event Notes — a note page specific to a calendar event (rather than a calendar date). Event Notes are equally as powerful Daily Notes.

Especially if you’re a time blocker.

Event Notes are so good that I’d like to see calendar apps consider implementing such a feature. There’s something particularly appealing about searching for a specific event you know you attended to find all your notes from that event, all in one spot.

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