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The New Magic Keyboard, Working Out from Home, and More

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Magic Keyboard: Turning the iPad Into Something New »

Magic Keyboard: Turning the iPad Into Something New

Our accounting office is right next to a Telus store full of Android and Windows fanatics. I haven’t been able to get any person in the store to even consider an iPhone or Mac for themselves, let alone convince them the iPad is a great business device.

The Magic Keyboard is the first accessory that caught the Telus business owner’s eye when I pulled it out on my desk midway through last week. He grabbed it, marvelled at its weight, opened up the package, and began fooling around with the keyboard. After a minute or two, he exclaimed,

Over a Year of Working Out From Home Using the SWEAT App »

Over a Year of Working Out From Home Using the SWEAT App

I would think the best advocate for an app in any space is an expert in that category, or at least an aficionado or someone who knows a thing or two on the topic. However, in the workout category, I would argue that the best critic is the person who hates working out, thereby setting the bar for “best workout app” at the very high, single-category, distinguished standard of “will it motivate even the worst of us to want to use it.” Enter: me.

I was never particularly athletic growing up. I got my PE credits in high school from marching band. I spent a desperate summer calling myself a runner, but I never got over timing the cadence of my footfall to, “I hate this, I hate this, I hate this.”

About ten years ago, I discovered a very direct connection between my level of physical activity and my mental health. It was eye-opening, and it caused me to begin to take exercising on a regular basis seriously. Staying active went from an occasional hobby to a daily necessity.

Work From Home….

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How Dave Caolo Makes Apps Earn Their Way onto His Home Screen »

How Dave Caolo Makes Apps Earn Their Way onto His Home Screen

Dave Caolo is the co-host of Home Work, a weekly advice podcast for people who work from home. He is also the co-founder of Reboot Game Lab where he hosts an online D&D club for adventurers of all ages and ability levels.

Ulysses 19: Updated with iPad Cursor Support, Material Sheets, and More »

Ulysses, our favorite writing app for iOS and macOS, takes another step forward in version 19 with full support for the new cursor in iPadOS, along with some important cross-platform refinements.

(MacStories) Due Adds Modern Shortcuts Support with New Reminder Creation Parameters »

We love Due for its powerful timers and reminders, and it’s even more powerful with this week’s release of version 20.5. John Voorhees (for MacStories) covered all the details of this update, so check it out if you’re interested in Due.

What’s changed with the latest release is that Due now includes two dedicated, modern shortcut actions: ‘Create Reminder’ and ‘Create Repeating Reminder.’

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