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The Best Pixel Editor for macOS, a Look at the Canon EOS R, and More

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The Best Pixel Editor for macOS »

The Best Pixel Editor for macOS

When the editing demands of photographers exceed the capabilities of solutions like Lightroom, they turn to dedicated pixel editors like Photoshop.

Photoshop has been the king of the hill in this space for many years, having had decades to establish its dominance. While it remains the most powerful option — and a great choice for anyone who’s interested in exploring it — we believe that Affinity Photo is an easier, quicker solution for most users.

Affinity Photo offers most of the same capabilities for less money, and is equally at home on macOS and iPadOS — a claim that Photoshop still can’t make, despite its recent re-release on iPadOS.

First Impressions of the Canon EOS R »

First Impressions of the Canon EOS R

A vast swath of the photography here on The Sweet Setup has been produced with a very simple setup: A FujiFilm X-T2, one of the 23mm and 35mm ƒ/2 “Fujicron” lenses, and some cheap Cactus RF60 strobes. It’s an inexpensive and simple setup that has met the needs of online publishing for the last couple years.

A few new opportunities have arisen recently, offering up an equally exciting opportunity to reassess my camera kit. Now, I have friends — knowledgeable friends, very wise friends — who have made it clear I have very little rational reason to make any changes. But want is a pretty significant factor, specifically when it comes to photography kit.

(MacStories) Things Debuts Modernized Apple Watch App »

There’s a good reason that Things is our favorite productivity and GTD app suite for iOS, macOS, and Apple Watch. Cultured Code put so much time and energy into making their suite of apps both enjoyable and highly useful. This week, the Apple Watch is just a little more delightful to use than before. Here’s a recap from Ryan Christoffel from MacStories:

Things for Apple Watch is no longer a second-class citizen to its iPhone, iPad, and Mac counterparts; rather, thanks to Things Cloud integration it’s become just as rock-solid as those other versions.

Organize Your Inbox (and Never Waste Time on Email Again) With SaneBox (Sponsor) »


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