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Roam Research as a CRM, Writing Process Webinar Replay, and More

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Using Roam Research as a Customer Relationship Manager »

Using Roam Research as a Customer Relationship Manager

My first impression of Roam Research was that it was a perfect solution for long-term research, providing a large, traceable solution for tracking thoughts, topics, and connections between topics.

Which is obvious, really — Roam Research was built for this purpose.

As it turns out, Roam Research works for many different purposes. I’ve been using Roam Research for Bible study and professionally as a client relationship manager.

Four Part Writing Process (Webinar Replay, Part 2) »

This is part two from our Focused Writer webinar we hosted for The Sweet Setup community a while back. If you missed part one you’ll want to go back and watch that first as the principles in this video build upon those laid out in the first part.

Now that we have the basics of our 4-part writing workflow, it’s time to look at the writing process itself.

Many people think of writing as one, single act. But that immediately presents a roadblock. Writing is actually many different activities. And when you break it down into those smaller, more manageable pieces, you can produce better work more consistently.

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“8pxl” HD Pixel Art Wallpaper Packs (Desktop & Mobile) »

“8pxl” HD Pixel Art Wallpaper Packs (Desktop & Mobile)

I’m a bit of a sucker for high-quality pixel art, especially if it’s got a calming, Studio Ghibli-esque atmosphere. [These high-definition landscape/cityscape wallpaper packs][1] by an artist who goes only by the name of Jubilee — though often uses social media handles like “8pxl”, “16pxl”, and “softwaring” — have exactly the right kind of vibe.

How I’m Using Roam Research for Bible Study »

How I’m Using Roam Research for Bible Study

It’s funny how often I’ve changed my tool of choice for long-term research considering the inherent need to use a consistent tool over the life of your research. “Long-term research” in my case is Bible study, and I originally began my study by taking notes in Bear a few years ago. Soon after, I dove into Keep It for my study because of a want to separate my study from my other regular notes and because of a range of Keep It’s benefits. My use of Keep It steadily decreased over time, as I found it more beneficial to keep physical notes like highlights and underlines in a physical Bible. And, as if coming to a logical conclusion, my use of Keep It has given way to one of the more powerful long-term research tools we’ve seen in recent years.

(Six Colors) Put anything in your Mac’s menu bar with BitBar »

One of the best things about macOS has to be the humble menu bar. There is so much useful information up there, and the number of small menu bar utilities available to us today is just overwhelming (in a good way). If there’s something you want in the menu bar, you can probably find an app that does it. But, if you can’t find it, you can probably hack it or find a similar user that solves the same problem with BitBar. Check out Jason Snell’s short overview of this awesome menu bar utility for some great examples of how he uses it.

If you’re comfortable in literally any scripting language that can execute on your Mac, you can build BitBar plugins to display anything you can think of in your menu bar.