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Four Part Writing Process (Webinar Replay, Part 2)

This is part two from our Focused Writer webinar we hosted for The Sweet Setup community a while back. If you missed part one you’ll want to go back and watch that first as the principles in this video build upon those laid out in the first part.

Now that we have the basics of our 4-part writing workflow, it’s time to look at the writing process itself.

Many people think of writing as one, single act. But that immediately presents a roadblock. Writing is actually many different activities. And when you break it down into those smaller, more manageable pieces, you can produce better work more consistently.

The four parts to the writing process are:

1. Ideas ?
2. Develop ?️‍♂️
3. Edit βœ‚οΈ
4. Publish ?

Watch the video above for a further breakdown of these four parts, as well as how I use Ulysses to keep everything organized.

Using Ulysses (My Favorite Writing App)

No matter what creative endeavor you’re working on, it all starts with writing. Whether that’s a newsletter, YouTube channel, blog, or promoting your dope merch that’s about to drop. The narrative starts with writing.

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