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What we published this week

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VSCO Cam 3.0 update

VSCO Cam was already our favorite photo editing app for the iPhone, but the 3.0 update makes it better than ever. The biggest update for this version is that VSCO Grid is now native and fully integrated in the app. The performance of the app has also improved, and there are some pretty great updates to the camera view as well.

Our post with more info about the update is here, and we’ve also updated our article about VSCO Cam and iPhone photo editing apps.

Accessibility Features on iOS

Steven Aquino wrote an informative and interesting article on accessibility features in iOS this week. As Steven explains, there is a misconception that accessibility features are only meant for users who have special needs.

But that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Accessibility is about access. Steven highlights four of these features and how they can help you use your iOS devices better.

Sweet Setup interview with Greg Pierce

This week, Greg Pierce shared his sweet iPad setup. Greg is a geek and family guy from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, but you probably know him best for his excellent iOS apps: Drafts, Phraseology, and Terminology.

Oh, and he also wrote the x-callback-url specification, which many of our favorite apps use to communicate with each other.

Macminicolo: Mac mini hosting in a data center (sponsor)

Macminicolo - Low cost, high performance. The perfect Mac server.

Macminicolo hosts Mac minis in a very high end data center. Mac minis make great servers for all sorts of things. We’ve been hosting them for nearly nine years and would love to have you give one a try.

Our thanks to Macminicolo for sponsoring the site again this week. If you’re interested in sponsoring the site, learn more here.