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What we published this week

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Our favorite music streaming service is Rdio

Finally interested in going all in and streaming all your music? We did the research on the top players in the music streaming services and picked Rdio as the best. There’s also a detailed breakdown of the other services to help you pick the right one.

Read the full review here.

Sweet Setup interview with Matt Bischoff

Matt Bischoff was kind enough to share his sweet iPhone setup with us this week. Matt is a software developer and designer, and you might know him from his excellent apps, Quotebook and Velocity.

Quick tip: Record audio with QuickTime

Speaking of audio, recording audio on your Mac is something that every machine is capable of right out of the box. You can use GarageBand, but it can be a little intimidating or just plain over-kill for many cases. This week, Stephen shares a simple and easy way to record audio on any Mac using QuickTime.

Doxie Go (Sponsor)

Doxie Go

Doxie Go is the portable, rechargeable paper scanner that scans anywhere with no computer required, then syncs directly to your Mac. It helps you organize your scans, then create searchable PDFs to save or send to the cloud.

Our thanks to Doxie Go for sponsoring The Sweet Setup this week. If you’re interested in booking a sponsorship, learn more here.