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What we published this week

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The best password manager (and why you need one) »

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you know that online security is important. You know you need to have strong passwords and change them regularly, but knowing this doesn’t make it any easier to do it.

That’s where 1Password steps in and takes our pick for the best password manager.

Robert McGinley Myers took a deep dive into the app to see how its features stack up against the latest crop of competition and to determine whether it’s still worth the money. The short version: it is.

Quick tip: How to check your Apple service and support coverage »

We all love our Macs and iOS devices, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to harm and failure. Thankfully, getting help from Apple is easy.

Stephen takes us through the process of finding the warranty status of a specific device, as well as some of the options for getting help from Apple.

Sweet Setup interview »

This week, we interviewed the one and only Dr. Drang and took a look at his Mac setups. Dr. Drang is a consulting engineer by day, scripter/blogger by night, and benevolent snowman on Twitter.

It’s an interesting and fun interview. He even tells us how he hid his true identity from being revealed from the diplomas hanging in his office.

Some great apps that are on sale

When great apps that we like are on sale, we try to highlight them. These are worthwhile even at full price: