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What we published this week

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Our complete guide to backups »

This week, we published a completely new section that covers everything you need to know about protecting your digital valuables.

It’s a fact: hard drives die. The only way to avoid the heartache of losing your digital memories and livelihood is to back up. And the thing is, it’s actually pretty easy.

We cover the basics of a good backup strategy, from local Time Machine and SuperDuper! backups, to off-site backups through Backblaze or CrashPlan.

Some great apps that are still on sale »

Last week, we published a list of great iOS and OS X apps that were on sale. If you missed out last week, we have some good news: the apps are still on sale. There are always apps on sale in the App Store, we try to only bring your attention to apps that are worth buying even at full price. Because if it’s an app you don’t need, it doesn’t matter how cheap it is, it’s still not a bargain.

Sweet Setup interview »

This week, we interviewed Chris Humphries, a Digital Media Specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He handles the hardware and software side of the media production and delivery on the UAB Digital Media team.

While most people choose one device to highlight in their interviews, Chris was very generous and gave us a look at how he uses all of his equipment — Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It’s an interesting and fun interview with lots of good app recommendations.

Making Light (sponsor) »

Making Light

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Making Light gives you everything you need for a daily dose of light, with sustainably hand-crafted soy candles delivered to your door for less than you’d think. Make it especially sweet by using the promo code “Sweet” for 10% off your first month’s membership.

Our thanks to Making Light for sponsoring the site this week. If you’re interested in advertising your product, service, or company to our Mac-savvy readership, email Shawn Blanc.