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Articles for Backups

How to Backup an iPhone or iPad Before an Upgrade

Backing up an iOS device

With the arrival of new iPhones and the latest iOS, now is a good time to back up your devices. Here's how.

Backing up your computer is easy

Backing up your Mac

Setting up a reliable backup system for your Mac is surprisingly easy and affordable.

Our Favorite Apps for Backups


The best cloud backup service


Everyone should have an off-site backup. Backblaze is the easiest to set up, the least expensive to use, and extremely reliable.
Time Machine

The easiest way to back up your Mac

Time Machine

Time Machine is Apple’s solution for the everyday Mac customer. It’s easy to set up and use, and creates an excellent safety net for those who wish to back up their data to a locally-attached external hard drive.
Carbon Copy Cloner

The best app for making bootable backups of your Mac

Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner is very powerful and provides the tools needed to make backups easy and useful.

Our Favorite Gadgets for Backups

WD My Book Hard Drive for Mac

Our favorite external hard drive

WD My Book Hard Drive for Mac

The WD My Book for Mac is our favorite external hard drive. It's fast (with USB 3.0), reliable, has a huge storage capacity, and is extremely affordable.