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What we published, and links of note

Here are the things we published this week and last, as well as some great link material. You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter and RSS.

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The best location-logging app for iPhone »

The best location-logging app for iPhone

In 2009 when smartphones were still on the rise in popularity, so were dedicated apps for “checking-in” at locations. This new trend was met with mixed reception, but it ultimately normalized the act of sharing your location. Over time, many apps were acquired or shut down because popular social platforms adopted and integrated these features.

In looking at the landscape now, we’ve found that there are still two distinct markets for wanting to log down your location: those who want to share and those who want to journal.

We’ve researched and tested the apps available and found that Swarm is the best way to log your location on iOS for most people.

Colin Gold’s Mac, iOS, and Watch setup »

Colin Gold’s Mac, iOS, and Watch setup

Colin Gold is a Hospitality Consultant who specializes in helping traditional industries improve their customer experience.

Want to share your setup?

We’d love to hear from you. Just fill out this form with some basic information and we’ll be in touch.

How to configure default settings for Apple Pay on iOS »

Apple Pay has become my favorite way to pay for anything that will accept it. While I love using it in retail stores, online purchasing has been something that I’ve begun to love as well. I love that I don’t have to enter my credit card on another website (that could be hacked in the future).

As part of the service, Apple Pay already has your address information. I often buy products for work and home using Apple Pay, but I always want my home to be the default shipping address.

iOS allows you to select your default Apple Pay information in the Settings app.

MacStories iPad Diaries: Apple Pencil, Notability, and the Joy of Note-Taking »

Federico Viticci, of MacStories, published a thoughtful piece about using the Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro as a note-taking device in a partly post-analog society. His app of choice is Notability, but it was more interesting to me to understand how he uses the iPad and Pencil for making notes and doodles while working and thinking. Artistic sketches and beautiful masterpieces created with these tools looks great in advertisements, but at its core, the Pencil is a tool that can be used any way you like. It’s interesting to see people talk about these tools in a non-artistic way to help them think, explore, and produce.

Six Colors: USB-C, Lightning, and the next iPhone »

Jason Snell (Six Colors) linked to and summarized a story from the Wall Street Journal that suggests Apple will replace the Lightning connector with a USB-C connector. As Jason points out, this isn’t anything more than a rumor, but it’s an interesting topic that has come up before. The Lightning connector is something that Apple created, while the USB-C connector is becoming more ubiquitous every day. There’s no way to be sure for now, but that may become clearer as the year moves forward.

​MailButler Provides Missing Productivity Tools For Apple Mail (Sponsor) »

If you are an Apple Mail user, you are probably missing some very important tools. Luckily, you can find them all in MailButler, the mail plugin, which adds a variety of great features to your Apple Mail, helping you get total control over your Inbox, and saving you plenty of time each day.

With MailButler you can easily schedule your emails, get detailed read receipts, and pause your inbox at any time. Besides, MailButler has amazing signature and message templates, and can be integrated with the leading cloud services.

Check out the official MailButler website now to find out more!

Our thanks to MailButler for sponsoring the site this week. Sponsorship by Syndicate Ads.