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First Impressions of Glass, Things 3 Updates, and More

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To Obsidian and Beyond (All-New TSS Course) »

To Obsidian and Beyond (All-New TSS Course)

We opened up registration for the all-new Obsidian course this week.

This course is all-new, self-paced, and created for both beginners and pros alike.

We don’t think you should be held back from the benefits of an app like this simply because you’re not sure how to set it up or use it. We’ve put in the hard work so you don’t have to.

Get Instant Access

What’s Inside the Course?

To Obsidian and Beyond has 4 modules. Here’s a quick overview of what they cover…

  • 1: Managing and Organizing All Your Knowledge
  • 2: How to set up Obsidian the Right Way (even if you are brand-new to this app)
  • 3: Obsidian Masterclass
  • 4: Advanced Workflows (i.e. Inspiration Heaven)
  • Bonus: The Vault

Things 3.14 Debuts Markdown Note Formatting »

Things 3.14 Debuts Markdown Note Formatting

It’s been awhile since our pick for the best productivity app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac received a notable update. Over the past year or more, Things 3 has slowly evolved under-the-hood, becoming one of the most stable and reliable apps available on the App Store.

But Things 3.14, though a small update in relation to some other major app updates we’re seeing, somewhat bucks the Things trend.

First Impressions of Glass, the New Photo Sharing App »

First Impressions of Glass, the New Photo Sharing App

Yesterday, a brand-new photo app came out. It’s called Glass.

Glass immediately strikes me as the best possible crossover between Flickr and Instagram.

It’s like Flickr in that it has a strong emphasis on community and quality and a little bit of photog nerdery. And it’s like Instagram in that it’s an easy-to-use, photo sharing iPhone app.

The app is very fast, very smooth, and very clean. You can tell that Tom and Stefan care about sweating the details, and it shows.

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Ascend To The Next Level With Eldorado GG (Sponsor) »


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