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Finding Gratitude in 2020, Course Library Sale, and More

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Finding Gratitude in This Crazy, Upside-Down Year »

Finding Gratitude in This Crazy, Upside-Down Year

A lot of unexpected things happened this year. And while we all could have done without a global pandemic that forced a lot of unexpected changes, not all of them have been bad.

For example, I’ve selfishly enjoyed the additional time spent with my family. My oldest son just turned 13 and I know he won’t always like hanging out with his parents, so we’ve been very intentional about spending a lot of time together over the last several months. We’ve been able to eat every meal together as a family, and we’ve created a routine of playing board games together at night.

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Spatial Audio, Automatic Switching, and Other New Audio Features in iOS 14 »

Spatial Audio, Automatic Switching, and Other New Audio Features in iOS 14

Among the many enhancements in iOS 14, Apple included a number of audio-specific features that we’ve now had an opportunity to spend some time with in daily use.W

These features include interesting new functionality like Spatial Audio, along with some quality-of-life upgrades like automatic device switching and battery level notifications. Lastly, the accessibility settings now include a section for headphone accommodations that allow you to fine-tune how your iOS device handles audio.W

Let’s take a quick look at each of these in turn.

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Marshall “Emberton” Portable Bluetooth Speaker »


On top of sounding awesome for its size, Marshall’s “Emberton” portable Bluetooth speaker is one of the coolest-looking options you’re bound to find.

This small yet mighty speaker sports a classic guitar amp-like aesthetic 😎🎸 and offers 20+ hours of rich, room-filling, 360° playback via Bluetooth 5.0. You won’t believe how great this little guy sounds.