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Create More Focus by Reducing Inputs, a Reader’s Mac and iOS Setup, Music for Deep Work, and More

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Reduce Your Inputs to Create More Focus »

Reduce Your Inputs to Create More Focus

You need input, advice, and inspiration in order to make decisions, come up with new ideas, or take action on something.

But with too many inputs (especially too many non-essential inputs), your ability to think clearly and make decisions is hindered. It leads to less progress, dual focus, and, ultimately, very little traction.


By removing non-essential inputs, you will have more space to think, find clarity, and organize your thoughts. Thus enabling you to take focused action and see progress.

Bart Kesner’s Mac and iOS Setup »

Bart Kesner’s Mac and iOS Setup

My name is Bart Kesner and I’m currently responsible for IT transformation efforts for a global engineering/consulting firm in the Kansas City area. This entails partnering with internal and external resources to analyze the delivery and use of products and services to enhance overall effectiveness, and lead teams to resolve any identified issues. Prior to that, I ran the Customer Experience program for a global manufacturing firm.

Music for Deep Work »

Music for Deep Work

I’ve always loved music, from picking out melodies on the piano as a kid, to specializing in a music education program through college, it has been a central theme through a lot of my life. Since college, I’ve had less to do with making or playing music besides occasionally tinkering with our old upright piano from time to time.

As someone that spends a good deal of time staring at screens for my work, music definitely plays a role in some of my daily rituals.

(Six Colors) Searching for the perfect iOS Markdown writing tool »

Jason Snell (Six Colors) really struck a nerve with me this week when he released a story about his search for the perfect writing tool for iOS. I have a strikingly similar list of features, but have always been very adamant about Markdown editors always showing syntax inline. This makes it frustrating for me to use apps like Ulysses because they choose to hide the syntax for hyperlinks, which is a huge bummer because it’s an otherwise fantastic tool. Jason doesn’t have the answer either, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone in this search.

In trying out different writing tools on iOS, I’ve discovered that I actually have a checklist of features that I want. And of course, the frustrating thing is that different apps check different boxes, but none of them do it all!

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