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Create More Focus and Margin by Reducing Inputs

Reduce inputs

You need input, advice, and inspiration in order to make decisions, come up with new ideas, or take action on something.

But with too many inputs (especially too many non-essential inputs), your ability to think clearly and make decisions is hindered. It leads to less progress, dual focus, and, ultimately, very little traction.


  1. A plethora of inputs, opinions, and opportunities coming your way;
  2. As they all mingle together, there is too much noise and not enough margin to think clearly;
  3. As a result, you end up with dual focus and unclear action.


By removing non-essential inputs, you will have more space to think, find clarity, and organize your thoughts. Thus enabling you to take focused action and see progress.

Less Inputs More Focus


  1. Reduce to only the intentional, essential input;
  2. This creates space to think, decide, and find connections;
  3. Clear thoughts lead to focused action and more margin.

If you’re struggling to find clarity and gain traction, consider cutting back on anything that is distracting you from being able to focus and find clarity.

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