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Blog Posts & Articles by Joe Buhlig

Joe Buhlig’s Task Management Workflow Diagram

Building systems is a borderline addiction of mine. There is something fascinating about building a process for inputs to travel through and the problem solving required to make it happen cleanly and efficiently. »

Launching and Hiding Apps in macOS with Hotkeys Through Alfred Workflows

Small actions taken over a long period add up to a significant amount of progress. This is no surprise, and it's something we hear time and time again. But it's normally mentioned when someone is trying to motivate you to add small, daily actions that will bring you great benefit later. »

A Roundup of Habit and Routine Tracking Methods & Tools

Traditional wisdom says you should set a goal and work towards achieving that goal. On the surface, there's nothing wrong with this concept. But there are so many variables in the mix with goals that it makes them difficult to achieve and troublesome to keep front of mind in most work-life scenarios. »

Launching Multiple Apps at Once with Bunch

At its heart, Bunch is an app launcher and quitter that uses plain text files to tell it what to do. It can do much more, so if you want to be super nerdy, you can get really deep into automating workspaces with Bunch. »

A Workflow For Managing Projects with Alfred and Obsidian

With the rise of PKM tools comes an interesting dilemma. If set up well, your PKM can house all the information you need to know about a project that you have committed to completing. However, what happens when you need to access the files that correspond to that project? »

Learning Productivity Lessons in the Midst of Chaos

My adventures in task management began with Evernote and The Secret Weapon. My corporate job had begun pushing the limits of my memory and led me down the stereotypical path of overwhelm. A quick internet search led me to GTD, TSW, and Evernote, and I thought I had found the solution to my stress. »