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An Update to Our iOS Bible App Review, WWDC 2020 Live Reactions Event, and More

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An Update to Our Pick for the Best Bible App on iOS »

An Update to Our Pick for the Best Bible App on iOS

We just updated our app pick for the best Bible app on iOS. While the overall winner is still the Bible App by YouVersion, we took a deep look at the new features and some of the new contenders that have popped up in the last couple of years. Unfortunately for the competition, it’s a little bit of an unfair comparison. It’s kind of amazing what you can get for free in YouVersion’s Bible App, and they keep adding new features like group reading plans and shared prayer lists.

Join TSS for a WWDC 2020 Keynote Reactions Event »

Next week is WWDC 2020, and it’s fixing to be a doozy.

Will Apple be announcing new iMacs? What updates will there be to iPadOS now that it’s been a full year? What one more thing might there be?

About an hour after the keynote is over, we’ll be hosting our own live, WWDC Keynote Reactions webstream for anyone in the TSS community to join in and watch.

Join Shawn Blanc along with Mike Schmitz, Rosemary Orchard, and Josh Ginter for some nerdy fun as we talk through the announcements from Apple, what things are exciting to us, and what it might mean for us all.

Jonathan Pulley’s Mac and iPhone Setup »

Jonathan Pulley’s Mac and iPhone Setup

Jonathan Pulley is a Senior Consultant for a software company specializing in data analytics, data warehousing, and business intelligence, and he also dabbles in photography and gaming.

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(Marius Masalar) First Impressions of Hey »

Marius Masalar put together a thorough impressions piece on the latest email service, Hey.

Hey is a new email service (not just a new email app but an entire new system) from the makers of Basecamp. The discussion around Hey has, so far, been mostly about its troubled App Store experience.

I’m going to side-step that entire discussion to talk about the product itself. I’ve had access since launch and have gathered a few early impressions.

My main take-away is that I like this a lot and will most likely pay to keep using it as my main email system, but I want to dig into a few of the concerns I have so far.

This ain’t yer grandma’s Printshop! (Sponsor) »

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