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An Assessment for Your Productivity, 1Password 8, Matter, and More

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The New Productivity Assessment »

So much productivity advice focuses on stuff you don’t need.

Over the years we’ve discovered that there are four main obstacles people face when it comes to being focused and productive.

But…! The symptoms of these obstacles often look similar.

That’s why folks will try a new productivity approach, but they are merely treating a symptom and not the actual problem. Thus… no real progress or momentum is made. Ugh!

This is why we have developed the all-new Focus Quiz.

This FREE assessment will help diagnose your biggest obstacle to focus right now and help you find out how to solve it.

The Focus Quiz steps


1Password 8’s Quick Access and Universal Autofill Features Can Replace Your Previous Password Workflows »

1Password 8’s Quick Access and Universal Autofill Features Can Replace Your Previous Password Workflows

No matter who you are, a password manager should be the first tool installed on your device. Each day that goes by, a new insidious hack is devised to trick a vulnerable person into a scam. One of the best ways to combat these hacking attempts is to use strong passwords.

My favorite new way to access the 1Password vault is 1Password 8’s new Quick Access feature. With a common and familiar keyboard shortcut, you can bring up a quick search of your saved items in 1Password and use another keyboard shortcut to quickly copy your username and password for safe login anywhere in macOS.

Plus, with 1Password’s new Universal Autofill, autofilling secure login information across third-party apps — not just in the browser — makes for the fastest secure login ever.

If you previously used 1Password’s Alfred integration, Quick Access and Universal Autofill are likely going to quickly replace any custom workflows you’ve built.

An Early Look at Matter on the Web »

An Early Look at Matter on the Web

Matter is a relatively new read-it-later service that’s been getting a good amount of attention, including several features here on The Sweet Setup. It may be simplifying history a bit, but the very broad strokes version of this market is that Instapaper popularized it, Pocket took it really mainstream, and Matter wants to do right by those of us who loved Instapaper but never really clicked with Pocket.

Matter is for reading articles and newsletters in a lovely interface, and that’s all it really does. This isn’t for saving videos or serving you ads in between your articles — it’s about reading (and reading only), and that simplicity is a huge draw to a certain type of person.

Matter coming to the web is exciting because, up until now, Matter only existed on the iPhone and iPad. You could install a browser extension to save things for later, but reading always had to happen on one of your mobile devices. By expanding to the web, Matter not only becomes more useful for its existing users, but it’s suddenly viable for a whole bunch of other people who may prefer to read on macOS or Windows.

Is your productivity busted?

If you feel like you could use a tuneup for how you manage your tasks and your time, get access to our Productivity Workshop.

Shawn Blanc (founder of The Sweet Setup) covers:

1. The four most common symptoms of a busted productivity workflow
2. What you can do to overcome them
3. How to improve your approach to managing and organizing your tasks.

You’ll also get the downloadable templates and cheatsheets.


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