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An App for Sharing Live Photos, a Reader’s Setup, Using and iPad for Web Development, and More

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Apps We Love: Snapthread »

Apps We Love: Snapthread

I love Live Photos. I raved about them — perhaps going overboard — just a few weeks ago. Live Photos provide the ultimate memory capturing experience and are best shared with friends and family.

Unfortunately, not everyone is convinced of Apple’s smartphone prowess. For non-iPhone users to get at least some of the Live Photo experience, a Live-Photo-to-video converter is needed.

This is where Snapthread fits into my iPhone.

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Roger Sherwood’s iPad Pro and iPhone Setup »

Roger Sherwood’s iPad Pro and iPhone Setup

Roger Sherwood is based in the Bay Area and works at Cisco Systems in the sales group as a global industry lead.

How to Use Digital Ocean for Web Development on an iPad »

How to Use Digital Ocean for Web Development on an iPad

While some people have loved the latest editions of MacBook Pro keyboards, others have not. I fall on the side of not liking them at all, which left me with a choice to make with my aging 13” MacBook Air. Do I keep using it or look for alternatives?

After trying Linux and other machines, I turned to my 9.7” iPad Pro wondering if I could do all my work from an iPad. I already had my writing, audio editing, and video workflows nailed down with the iPad, but there was a gap for my web development work.

After some research, I was happy to find that it’s quite possible to do all my web development work on an iPad in almost the exact same way I worked on my MacBook Air. Not only did this give me a much less expensive computer with which I could replace my MacBook Air, it also gave me a much more portable and focused work environment.

Here is how I do web development on my iPad Pro.

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How to Quickly See a History of Sites Visited in a Single Safari Tab »

Following up on the post where we covered how to Show recently-closed tabs in Safari, we wanted to share how it’s possible to go back within one single tab to see the previously-visited sites.

Banktivity 7 for macOS Mojave Debuts New Dark Mode, Real Estate Tracking, Calendar, and More »

For a long time, I searched endlessly for a piece of personal finance software that fit my needs. We here at The Sweet Setup recommended (and still do recommend) Banktivity as the best app for managing personal finances and budgets, and last week, IGG Software released Banktivity version 7, bringing it up to date with the latest features for macOS Mojave.

Siri Shortcuts Basics: learning the Shortcuts app! »

Matthew Cassinelli is a regular contributor here at The Sweet Setup, and he recently published an outstanding guide on using the new Shortcuts app in iOS 12. The Youtube video tutorial is just shy of 10 minutes and is chock full of great advice on getting the most out of Shortcuts.

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The Readdle Story: Getting 100M Organic App Installs Through 32 Failures »

In September, Readdle shared an incredibly interesting and transparent look at the growth of their iOS app business. You might know Readdle from one of their popular apps, like Spark, PDF Expert, or Calendars, and their success (and failure) story is fascinating and full of valuable advice.

Building a sustainable and scalable business around apps in the App Store is not easy. We managed to survive and strive, while the majority of independent companies have had to shut down or have been acquired.

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