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How to show recently closed tabs in Safari for iOS or macOS

Regardless of platform, internet browsers have handily added features over the years that let people recover any tabs they mightโ€™ve closed.

If youโ€™re a Google Chrome user, you might be used to seeing your recently-closed tabs available in a dropdown menu. But with Safari, things are slightly more hidden โ€” especially on iOS.

On Safari for iOS and Mac, you can tap/click and hold on the + icon to show a popover of Recently Closed Tabs, which shows any webpage youโ€™ve opened and exited within a few hours.

Recently closed tabs in Safari on iOS

Next time you find that youโ€™ve swiped a window away accidentally, lost something important while closing all your tabs, or just experienced a mis-tap and didnโ€™t mean to hit the small X on a tab in Safari for iPad, just remember to tap and hold on the new tab button to quickly bring it back.

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