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Yes Yes Notion Replay DRAFT

So glad you’ll be joining us for the Yes Yes Notion workshop! Part 1 of the workshop was a huge success! We’re excited for part 2. Here’s all the details:

Part 2: Tuesday, Sep 19, 12PM EDT
Where: Zoom Link (same link for both days)
Passcode: 887693

We recommend creating a Notion account and downloading the Notion Web App prior to the workshop if you haven’t already.

Each workshop will probably be about 90 minutes long as we’re going to work together to get you comfortable with Notion and use it to build a customized productivity and note-taking system and have lots of time for Q&A.

You will be able to submit and ask your questions in the Zoom chat. Please have your video on if able so we can see one another’s smiling faces. We promise not to call anyone out or highlight you. :)

Yes Yes Notion Part 1 Replay:


Yes Yes Notion Part 2 Replay:

Coming soon!


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