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What we published, and noteworthy links

Here are the things we published this week, as well as some great link material. You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter and RSS.

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The best read-it-later service »

Instapaper hero

The world of software occasionally produces fruitful rivalries between applications that try to solve the same problem with different approaches: [Omnifocus vs. Things][1], [Alfred Vs. Launchbar][2], [Rdio vs. Spotify][3], etc. These rivalries are great for consumers because each application is forced to hone its own approach and polish its unique features.

Richard J. Anderson’s Mac and iOS setup »

Richard J. Anderson's desk

Richard J. Anderson is a Web Producer for a specialty publisher focused on medical journalism, and also writes about technology and culture at Sanspoint.com.

Both of Richard’s text editor choices are spot on:

I do all my writing in Byword. It’s the perfect app for writing, at least for me. For web design and editing, I swear by Sublime Text. I use it professionally and privately, and while it has some rough edges, it’s largely gotten me over my torrid breakup with TextMate back in the day.

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Quick Tip: Customize Scanbot’s file naming rules »

Scanbot was picked as the best document scanning app for iOS a few months back, and it has continued to see frequent updates. One of my favorite new features is smart file naming (requires the Pro upgrade). This allows you to customize the file name that Scanbot will automatically apply to your documents.

Six Colors: Setting up your home Mac for remote file access »

Dan Moren, for Six Colors, wrote a really simple, useful article on how to set up your home Mac so that it’s easily accessible when you’re away from home. This isn’t something that everyone needs, but if you need it, you definitely want it to be easy. We’ve written about the best way to do this from a Mac or iOS device, but Dan’s solution is simple and uses settings and tools delivered with every Mac out of the box.

512 Pixels: I’m going independent »

Stephen Hackett, Editor-in-chief of The Sweet Setup, announced this week that he’s taking his freelance work full time this week. It’s an exciting time for Stephen, and he’s provided a way for us to show him our support in this next chapter of life. Purchase a sweet t-shirt that is guaranteed to make you at least 2% more handsome.

Stephen will be working full time now on Relay.fm, The Sweet Setup, and other freelance endeavors. Congrats, Stephen!

Tools & Toys: Accessories for a better workspace »

Chris Gonzales put together a great collection of workspace accessories at Tools & Toys that would improve the look and functionality of any setup. This post is definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in awesome but practical gear for your desk.

Also, Marius Masalar wrote a stellar review of what this humble editor sees as the perfect camera: the Fujifilm X100T (in black, of course). Approach this review with caution — if you’re even remotely in the market for a new camera, this review will push you over the edge. Just let it happen.

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