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What we published, and links of note

Here are the things we published this week, as well as some great link material. You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter and RSS.

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Apps and Gear for Summer (2016 Edition) »

Apps and Gear for Summer (2016 Edition)

Summer’s in full swing here in the US. Whether you’re trying to make memories while traveling, enjoying food and drink with loved ones, or even if you just need ways to pass the time while you cling to your blessed bubble of air conditioning as much as possible, we’ve got some app and gear suggestions that may help you out.

Tim Bornholdt’s Mac and iPhone setup »

Tim Bornholdt’s Mac and iPhone setup

Tim Bornholdt is a co-founder of The Jed Mahonis Group, a mobile app development shop based in Minneapolis, MN, and also films and edits C Tolle Run, a weekly show about running and fitness hosted by Olympian athlete, Carrie Tollefson.

Want to share your setup? »

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How to export text from Ulysses for Mac »

Ulysses, our favorite pro writing app for Mac, has become an essential part of my workflow. After picking up the Mac and iOS apps, I went all in with Ulysses as my writing app.

One of the best parts about Ulysses is how easy it is to export a document into another format (and there are a lot of formats are built in). I write natively in Markdown, but some of the work I do needs to be copied as HTML or converted back into Word.

Six Colors: Hands on with macOS Sierra »

Jason Snell, of Six Colors, wrote a helpful summary of many of the new features in the recently announced macOS Sierra. Since the OS is still in beta, some things are bound to change slightly, but this offers a first-hand view into the new features and changes it has to offer. iCloud storage, Siri, and a Photos revamp are just a few of the exciting new features in Sierra.

MacStories: On iPad features (or lack thereof) at WWDC 2016 »

Along with the macOS Sierra developer builds, we also have access to the iOS 10 developer builds, and Federico Viticci (MacStories) published a synopsis of the new features it contains, as well as those it lacks. Split view in Safari, three-pane views in Notes and Mail, and changes to Spotlight and keyboard shortcuts are great. But, Federico argues that there are some features that make a lot of sense on the iPad, like 3D Touch or more pro apps. Either way, it’s likely to be a great release later this fall.

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