watchOS 4: How to customize the Siri watch face

The Siri watch face is one of the many new options in watchOS 4. The Siri watch face is powered by proactive updates and displays drive time, reminders, photo memories, upcoming appointments, HomeKit scenes, and more. Some of the options are ones I’d rather not see (Apple News for example).

To customize the data sources, simply go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and choose the Siri watch face.

Once on this screen, you can:

  1. Select which complications you want shown on the Top Left and Top Right.
  2. Toggle what Data Sources you want Siri to pull from. Allowing you to enable and/or disable various options to display on your Siri watch face.

customize the Siri watch face

The data sources include:

  • Upcoming Alarms
  • Breathe reminders
  • Your calendar
  • Home kit
  • Apple New
  • Now Playing
  • Photos
  • Reminders
  • Stocks information
  • Stopwatch and Timer
  • Apple Wallet
  • Weather
  • Workout

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