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An update to our pick for the best mind mapping app

Earlier today, we stuck to our guns and chose MindNode 5 as the best mind mapping app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. MindNode 5โ€™s latest features, including a fresh new design, inter-app integrations (like the integration with the latest version of Things), and its uniform capabilities across all platforms make MindNode 5 the best mind mapping app for most people.

First and foremost, we love MindNode 5โ€™s ease of use. You donโ€™t even need to understand what a mind map is or how to create one in order to take advantage of MindNodeโ€™s capabilities. The app quickly and seamlessly leads you through the creation of a mind map, and MindNodeโ€™s great design makes it a pleasure to use on a daily basis.

MindNode 5โ€™s new inspectors ensure the most useful features and actions arenโ€™t tucked away in a sidebar, and you can have both an outline view and an inspector window open at the same time.

MindNode 5 also sports Quick Entry, allowing you to jot notes on your Mac throughout the day and to create a mind map when itโ€™s convenient.

Lastly, MindNode 5 allows for custom themes, ensuring your MindNode 5 can be unlike anyone elseโ€™s.

Our MindNode 5 review update is packed with loads of information on the latest MindNode app, as well as its competitors (like iThoughts, MindManager, and others). Head over to the updated review to get the full scoop.