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An update to the best cloud photo management solution, some thoughts on modern productivity, and more

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Update: The best cloud photo management solution »

The best cloud photo management solution

This week, we updated our pick for the best cloud photo management solution. iCloud Photo Library is the best cloud management solution for photos for most people due to its low cost, ease-of-use, and helpful, built-in features. Read the full review for more insights.

Jonathan Buys’ Mac and iPhone setup »

Jonathan Buys’ Mac and iPhone setup

Jonathan Buys is a Christian, husband, father, verteran, writer, and developer working as a DevOps engineer with a small company that works with Amazon Web Services.

Third-wave Productivity »

Productivity training has matured significantly over the past 15 years.

We began with an emphasis on efficiency. Then we began to ask the question about how to use that efficiency to free up time in our day. And now we are realizing that using that extra time to do meaningful work is a skill in and of itself.

In short, third-wave productivity has nothing to do with artisanal to-do list apps. Today, I wanted to pull out one segment where Cal Newport and I talked about the Three Waves of Productivity.

How to create backup schedules in Carbon Copy Cloner 5 »

Carbon Copy Cloner 5 (CCC5) now includes support for macOS High Sierra for creating bootable backups. While Time Machine is the easiest way to back up your Mac, I like having a direct clone of my drive. CCC5 makes it easy to create a schedule that can clone a drive on a system schedule. I leave my Clone drive at work and have it set to run every Monday morning. Here is how to create this schedule.

Twitterrific relaunches macOS app »

The Iconfactory relaunched Twitterrific for macOS this week. The relaunch began as a Kickstarter campaign codenamed Project Phoenix and has resulted in a great 1.0 release that brings Twitterrific back up to date with other macOS Twitter clients.

​​What Is Blended Learning? (Sponsor) »


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