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A Ulysses Quick Start: Shawn’s 5 Most-Used Features

In this video I will show you five features of Ulysses that will get you up and running with the app in just a few minutes. This video is one of nearly 30 videos in our course, Learn Ulysses.

I remember how frustrated I was just a few years ago with my writing workflow and the apps I was using at the time.

I realized that I was spending more time managing my writing workflow than I was actually doing any writing. When things are scattered like that, it’s just death to the creative process.

So, I did what any self-respecting nerd would do. I spent most of my summer researching and using a bunch of different note-taking apps.

As long-time readers know, I landed on Ulysses and have been using it every single day since.

What drew me to Ulysses was a very specific ah-ha moment when I saw a certain feature in action.

Mike Schmitz was working on our very first version of the Learn Ulysses course, and in one of the videos he made, he explained how smart filters work in Ulysses. This was a feature that I didn’t know about, and when I saw it in action it hit me that Ulysses would be ideal for my writing needs and workflows.

Shortly thereafter, I remember learning from Matt Gemmel about using CMD+O to bring up universal search inside of Ulysses and how it helps you find any sheet in your entire Ulysses library from anywhere.

When you get a behind-the-scenes look at how someone else uses an app, there can often be that “ah-ha” moment where you realize a new feature or workflow that will save you so much time and remove so much friction from your workflow.

That’s why I made this quick-start video for Ulysses. It’s part of our update to the Learn Ulysses course that will come out this Thursday, July 16.

In this video I show you the five most valuable features of Ulysses that really help improve my usage of this app every day.

In the new of our Learn Ulysses course, there are more videos like this one. Including a video where I explain my entire Ulysses setup and how I have organized everything, as well as a video where I explain the different use-cases for various notes and writing apps and how Day One, Ulysses, and Drafts all fit into my “idea workflow.”

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