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Two simple prompts for an easier Day One entry

Day One on the iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard

Even though I have been using Day One since dinosaurs roamed the internet (2014, 2015, 2018, 2020), sometimes I begrudge my journaling habit.

Truth be told, journaling every day — or even every week — can sometimes feel inconvenient. There are times when I would much rather just skip it. (And, yeah, sometimes I do.)

For the days when I have nothing interesting to write down, or when I just don’t feel like writing in Day One, I’ve got two easy ways to “phone it in,” so to speak. Lowering the bar is actually a great way continue adding things to my Day One.

I think this is important because with something like journaling — or any worthwhile habit, really — the value is not in the quality of any one entry. Rather, the value is in the compounding quantity of consistency.

Basically: Quantity leads to quality.

And so, with that said…

My two favorite ways to “cheat” at journaling in Day One

Here are a couple of my go-to easy options for how to phone it in with my Day One:

  1. Pick a photo from the day and give a one-sentence explanation of what is going on.
  2. Answer this question: Today was a good day because…

What’s great about these two “cheats” is that not only are they easy, they’re also unexpectedly helpful. I love the first option because a simple photo and explanation can go a long way in remembering those moments in the future. And I love the second option because it helps me focus on something I am grateful for, and it often turns into an entry that is longer than just one sentence.

Wait! There’s more….

How to Use Day One in Your Life

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