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How to track your shoes in Runkeeper

If taking up running is on your 2017 goals list, I would recommend checking out Runkeeper’s (read ourreview) shoe tracking function.

Why track your shoes? Most running shoes are good for 350 or so miles before they are worn out. Runkeeper allows you to add your shoes, and then track the miles you put on them.

To get started, go to Runkeeper’s settings and tap Shoe Tracking. Tap the + button at the top right, and add your shoes. Runkeeper has a lot of brands built in, so it makes it easy to get started. If they are new shoes, you can start them at mile 0, but for existing shoes, you can enter a starting point.

Tracking shoes with Runkeeper

On the final screen, you can set how often you want to be notified. I picked 350 miles, but you can select an earlier or later duration depending on your preference.

Unless you have multiple pairs of shoes, tracking will be automatic after you complete each run.

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